Impact of Industry 4.0 on Performance of Supply Chain

24 May 2022

The global supply chain disruption and strain on the manufacturing sector that the pandemic imposed have forced manufacturers to erase their traditional organizational boundaries. It was high time that the manufacturers had to revisit their supply chain configurations and reimagine them for tomorrow’s needs. The manufacturing sector is no stranger to the concept of continuous change. Often, it has been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to work more efficiently. The fourth industrial revolution also referred to as Industry 4.0, is one such wave that is the driving force behind the digitization of the supply chain. It has now started making inroads in the Indian manufacturing sector and is seeing a steep adoption. By adopting Industry 4.0 technologies, manufacturers have reduced inefficiencies, lower costs, and proactively respond to unexpected disruptions.

Developing a Robust Ecosystem

The digitized network of vendors will help businesses test alternative network strategies and identify the action plan that will work best to achieve their supply chain objectives. New-age digital solutions collect, integrate, and analyze data at each stage and help decision-makers make informed decisions at all levels. This reduces strain on the workforce, reduces costs, and will eliminate higher dependency on a single supplier. Having a robust supplier ecosystem allows companies to have a quicker turnaround during disruptions.

Connected & Transparent Ecosystem

A lack of clarity between various blocks in the supplier ecosystem can disrupt a business’s efficiency process. A completely transparent and digitized ecosystem bridges the gap between supply and demand. In this modern technique, every link of the supply chain network will support a fully visible feedback system, reporting on the needs and challenges of the ecosystem allowing businesses to take action proactively. The best practices can be even exchanged between internal and external stakeholders for improved interoperability, visibility, responsiveness, and resiliency across the entire supply chain ecosystem.

Time is of the essence

Digitization of the supply chain will not be an easy accomplishment given it’s extremely complex and multi-faceted nature. As a result, manufacturers seeking to scale globally and do sustainable business must keep digitization as their top priority. With different companies adopting digital supply at varying speeds and levels, manufacturers can always stay at the forefront of customers’ digitization pulse and ahead of the competition.

Improved Supply Chain Management

By leveraging the benefits of process management and other key SCM activities, Industry 4.0 can significantly increase supply chain productivity. Everything can be centrally managed through a holistic digital ecosystem.

Supply chain innovations have become a must for businesses to remain agile & manage the unexpected disruption caused by issues like pandemic, war crisis, etc. Decision-makers must accept future trends and invest in modern technology to sustain businesses in the long run. After all, love for technology and prioritizing adaptability will be the key qualities for business leaders to prosper in this digital age.

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