Future-Proofing You’re Business through Online Manufacturing in Digitally Advancing World

10 May 2022

Like every other industry, digitization is breaching the walls of an evolutionary rather revolutionary manufacturing industry. The next-gen manufacturing leaders are beginning to embrace digitalization, and disruptive innovations, fuelled by Industry 4.0 as their main initiatives. Amidst this disruption, online manufacturing has quickly become key innovation that’s helping engineers manufacture without any hassle. These advancements are also reshaping the planning, managing, designing, servicing, and production of products. OEMs often face obstacles at all the stages of the traditional production process, and this problem is more relevant for startups, small and medium scale engineering firms.  Online manufacturing enables manufacturers to use real-time data and analytics to make more informed decisions and achieve their business objectives. In this article, we’ll highlight five reasons why manufacturers should opt for online manufacturing –

Lack of Access to Quality Supplier Database

According to a recent report from The National Association of Manufacturers, only 21% of small manufacturers have confidence in the visibility of their current supply-chain network. So finding a reliable supplier remains a top reason why companies experience delays in their production process. WorksArea enables flexible manufacturing with 80+ verified manufacturing partners catering to over 20 technologies under one umbrella. With this model, customers can focus more on solutions that lead to innovations & limited disruptions.

Delayed Quote Cycles

The quoting cycle in traditional manufacturing methods takes on an average of 1-2 weeks and this may be further delayed with the inefficiencies piling up. If your manufacturer is working with a legacy system, you might struggle more with this process. WorksArea offers costs within 72 hrs, thus boosting the productivity and efficiency of the customers.

Getting Right Price

Manufacturers worldwide have reported a steepening rate of input price inflation, linked primarily to ongoing shortages of components, and postponement of production schedules. WorksArea provides a functional online tool for tracking projects in real-time. The in-house operations & quality team will ensure your projects are delivered on time and meet quality expectations.

Getting Partners who’d take Low-Volume Production

The rising demand to reduce cost has indirectly forced manufacturers to opt for production in scale. As a result, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) has been a barrier for quite some time in the manufacturing sector. Low volume production is becoming fairly common across industries for companies that do pilot projects, R&D, and design innovations. WorksArea provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions from concept development to validation and specializes in prototyping, and low-volume manufacturing.

Quality & On-Time Delivery

Often time suppliers and manufacturers run into trouble producing products at the rate promised, and try to fix it on their own. This lack of communication could become a blind spot and result in production schedules. WorksArea provides a functional online tool for tracking projects in real-time. The in-house operations & quality team will ensure your projects are delivered on time and meet quality expectations.

The post-pandemic Indian manufacturing sector facing disrupted supply chains is under huge pressure to be more agile and adaptable. The confluence of demand-side market factors is also pushing manufacturers across the globe to adopt new technologies to improve every aspect of their industrial operations. Hence it becomes all the more relevant for these companies to embrace new technologies and gain a competitive advantage over their peers.

Find out more about how WorksArea can assist you with your organization’s production cycle requirements.

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