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As a Buyer, how much will I be charged for using your service?

WorksArea is free to use and allows buyers to get free quotes.

Can I place my manufacturing requirement even if I do not represent any company?

No, you cannot.

Do you control the quality of the parts?

Our QA team takes care of quality at the sites of our manufacturers and before parts are dispatched for delivery. If you require quality control reports then we will get them done from third parties against your enquiry.

Do you have a manufacturing facility?

No, we don't have any manufacturing machines ourselves,  but we do have the largest manufacturing partners’ network in India. This means our customers get a chance to access the manufacturers from our qualified & audited partner network.

How can I pay?

We accept payments by bank transfer and cheque.

How do I register myself as a verified manufacturer?

You can visit https://www.worksarea.com/signup and furnish your details to register with us. But only after our quality team verifies your company your account will be activated.

How do you protect customers’ intellectual property?

At WorksArea, we take IP very seriously. Hence all our manufacturers are under contract to protect customers’ data. All information customer uploads to our system are kept completely safe and secure.

How does it work?

Manufacturers utilize WorksArea to find qualified customers and expose their facilities to buyers who are searching for parts manufacturers. For buyers, the marketplace streamlines and simplifies the process of finding a qualified manufacturing partner. By aggregating all the key details of manufacturing facilities, buyers have all the information they need right at their fingertips to locate the best supplier for their needs.

How long will I have to wait to get a quote?

WorksArea provides quotes for your custom manufacturing needs as fast as 72* hours.

*varies depending on the size of the project

Is WorksArea a broker?

WorksArea is not a broker. We serve as an objective liaison between buyers and suppliers and to provide the tools that facilitate conversation between them. The platform also vets and qualifies all marketplace members and ensures that only accurate and complete data is posted.



What are the various manufacturing technologies you offer?

We offer various manufacturing processes such as:

  • CNC machining (Milling, Turning, and Drilling)
  • Sheet metal fabrication (Water-jet, Laser, Plasma, and Bending)
  • Heavy Fabrication (MIG, TIG, SAW, and Plasma-arc welding)
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing (MJF, FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS, and Polyjet)
  • Vacuum casting
  • Injection molding
  • Surface finishing (Anodizing, Hardening, and Chrome plating)
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Jigs & fixture designing
  • Design services
What industries does WorksArea cater to?

The sectors we serve include Automotive, Aerospace, Railways, Oil & Gas, Energy, Machine building, Civil, etc. Please contact us if you have questions about how we can assist you with your manufacturing requirements.

Who will manufacture the parts after RFQ is raised?

Once the order is placed, the verified manufacturer customer chooses will start working at his facility.

Will the products be delivered to my place? How much does the delivery cost?

Yes, our delivery partner will deliver the manufactured products to your doorstep. The delivery fees that we charge are at the actuals and will be supported by bills from delivery partners.